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About Us

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a patient-focused, compassionate and evidence-based liver practice that is sensitive to the needs and challenges faced by patients with chronic liver diseases, to help improve the quality of life, functional status and prognosis of patients through best practices and novel treatments.

About Our Director:

Dr. Kowdley is an internationally recognized expert in many areas of hepatology. He has practiced in Seattle for over 30 years and has expertise in all areas of hepatology. He has published over 400 original manuscripts in the area of liver disease. We are happy to offer consultations for patients with any liver-related issue. If you are interested in being seen by Dr. Kowdley, please feel free to contact us.

About Liver Institute Northwest  

Liver Institute Northwest leads clinical research in liver disease in the Pacific Northwest.  We believe in using the highest ethical principles in providing patient care and in our research and are actively contributing to help reduce the burden of liver disease in the Pacific Northwest. 

About Our Clinic 

Liver Institute Northwest is an independent clinic located just 5 miles north of downtown Seattle. We provide a welcoming environment for care and are committed to treating all patients with respect, kindness and understanding. With easy access from both the Eastside and Seattle, as well as free parking, patients can be assured a convenient and low stress visit. 

About Our Team

Led by our Medical Director, internationally renowned Hepatologist Dr. Kris V. Kowdley, Liver Institute Northwest has a coordinated team of healthcare professionals with vast experience in evaluating patients and coordinating care, as well as conducting all phases of clinical trials. Everyone works to ensure that every aspect of the clinic and research run smoothly, with the highest quality according to good clinical practices and FDA regulations.

Bonnie Dixit– Associate Director and Operations Manager

Teresa Rodriguez-McCann – Business Manager

Gary Brown – Research Manager

Jenny Balagot– Patient Care Coordinator

Breanna Gulati, ARNP FNP-C – Nurse Practitioner and Sub-Investigator

Aalam Sohal MD – Hepatology Fellow and Sub-Investigator

Teresa Collins – Clinical Research Coordinator III

Krista Baer – Clinical Research Coordinator III

Inga Avagyan – Clinical Research Coordinator I

Luis Casanova – Clinical Research Coordinator I

Theresa Dorrian – Research Specialist

Hannah Humphries – Research Assistant Remote

Keerat Kaur – Associate Clinical Research Coordinator

Jessica Gordon – Student Intern

Laasya Lanka – Student Intern